Committees keep the OMS Foundation moving forward

It’s true: many hands make light work.  The OMS Foundation is grateful for the many volunteers who contribute their time and expertise on behalf of the Foundation throughout the year.  Through their work on OMS Foundation Committees and their immeasurable value as guest presenters, they use their skills and charisma to help our small staff continue the Foundation’s work of investing in the future of the specialty.

Members of the Alliance Committee endeavor to accomplish two overarching goals: raising funds for the Foundation’s Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) resident scholarships, and warmly welcoming new resident families into the AAOMS community.

  • Mrs. Stacy Erickson, Chair
  • Mrs. Olga Schwartz, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Valerie Burks
  • Mrs. Kos Lugakingira
  • Mrs. Page Rollert
  • Mrs. Andrea Tate
  • Dr. Debra Sacco, DMD, MD, Advisor

Providing life-changing and career-affirming opportunities abroad to OMS Residents, The Foundation is proud of the work done by its Committee on Humanitarian Programs

  • Thomas P. Williams, DDS, MD, FACS, Chair
  • David E. Frost, DDS, MS
  • Lawrence T. Herman, DMD, MD
  • Louis K. Rafetto, DMD, MEd
  • Sanford Ratner, DDS, FACS

Charged with identifying innovative, clinically relevant research that will advance the specialty, our Committee on Research draws from the expertise and experience of its members.

  • Brent Ward, DDS, MD (Chair)
  • Tara Aghaloo, DDS, MD, PhD
  • Scott Boyd, DDS, PhD
  • David L. Basi, DMD, PhD
  • Regina Landesberg, DMD, PhD
  • Jasjit K. Dillon, DDS, MBBS, FDSRCS, FACS, Board Liaison
  • Gary Bouloux, DDS, MD, FRACDS, FRACDS(OMS), FRCS(Eng), FACS, Board Liaision


We simply can’t be everywhere at once.  Many Foundation donors volunteered in 2022 – 2023 to present OMS Foundation updates at local and regional society meetings, district caucuses, and annual meeting sessions:

  • Dr. James Baker (OK SOMS and D5 Caucus)
  • Dr. Michael Barbick (FL SOMS)
  • Dr. David Basi (MN SOMS)
  • Dr. Scott Bauer (MS SOMS)
  • Dr. David Beanland (MA SOMS)
  • Capt. David Bitonti (Military and Tri-Services)
  • Dr. Gary Bouloux (GA SOMS and D3 Caucus)
  • Dr. Richard Burton (IA SOMS)
  • Dr. Claudine Cafferata (NY SOMS)
  • Dr. Jasjit Dillon (WSSOMS and D6 Caucus)
  • Dr. Thomas Dodson (WSSOMS)
  • Dr. Erik Evans (OH SOMS)
  • Dr. Brett Ferguson (D5 Caucus)
  • Dr. Robert Guyette (AZ SOMS)
  • Dr. Andrew Heise (PA SOMS)
  • Mr. Hank Holderfield (TN SOMS)
  • Dr. Ann Holzhauer (SC SOMS)
  • Dr. Bruce Huberman (NJ SOMS)
  • Dr. Daniel Meara (MASOMS)
  • Dr. Thomas Nordone (PA SOMS)
  • Dr. Mark Oghalai (NC SOMS)
  • Dr. Kevin Patterson (CO SOMS)
  • Dr. Mohammed Qaisi (IL SOMS)
  • Dr. Dipa Patel (VA SOMS)
  • Dr. Louis Rafetto (D2 Caucus)
  • Dr. Andrew Read-Fuller (Faculty Section Annual Meeting)
  • Dr. John Rydlewicz (WI SOMS and D4 Caucus)
  • Dr. David Shafer (CT SOMS)
  • Dr. John Shea (TN SOMS)
  • Dr. Julie Ann Smith (OR SOMS)
  • Dr. Frederick Stephens (CALAOMS and UAOMS)
  • Dr. Howard Strauss (MASOMS)
  • Dr. Joe Van Sickels (KY SOMS)
  • Dr. Peter Vellis (CT SOMS and MA SOMS)
  • Dr. Peter Waite (AL SOMS)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Wallen (SC SOMS)
  • Dr. Ashleigh Weyh (ROAAOMS)
  • Dr. Cynthia Winne (D1 Caucus)