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Research Support Grants

Research Support Grants further the development of scientific investigators committed to problems related to oral and maxillofacial surgery. Each grant is $75,000 and is awarded to the institution.

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In addition, the grant that receives the highest score by the OMS Foundation Committee on Research is designated as the Stephen B. Milam Research Award. The recipient of this award is:

Magnetic resonance neurography (MRN) and diffusion tensor imaging augmented MRN of peripheral trigeminal nerve injuries on 3-Telsa scanner – correlation of injury classification with surgery and histopathology and prediction of patient outcomes

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • Principal Investigator: Avneesh Chhabra, MD
  • Co- PIs: John R. Zuniga, DMD, PhD, MS; Ananth Madhuranthakam, PhD

Click here to read the project summary of their study.


Additional Research Support Grants


The Oral and Maxillofacial Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills (OMOSATS)

  • University of Toronto
  • Principal Investigator: Marco Francesco Caminiti, DDS, BSc, Med, FRCDC
  • Co-PI: Mark Shuren, HBSc, DDS, FRCDC

Click here to read the project summary.


Orthognathic speech pathology: Understanding how jaw disharmonies and their surgical correction influence speech

  • University of North Carolina School of Dentistry
  • Principal Investigator: Laura Anne Jacox, DMD, MS, PhD
  • Co-PI: Hillary Lathrop, DMD, MS; Timothy Turvey, DDS; George Blakey, DDS; Renie Daniel, DMD, MD, Dr. David Zajac, PhD, Dr. Jeff Mielke, PhD

Click here to read the project summary.


Development of Surgically Implantable Minor Salivary Gland-Based Constructs for Treatment of Xerostomia

  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • Principal Investigator: Mary Cynthia Farach-Carson, PhD
  • Co-PI: Simon Young, DDS, MD, PhD

Click here to read the project summary.