Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE)

International travel stipends available for residents


What is GIVE?

GIVE provides up to $2,500 in travel stipends to residents traveling internationally with experienced OMS teams to deliver humanitarian healthcare to underserved populations.

Read Dr. Jessica Lee’s firsthand account of her GIVE experience here.




“Connecting to something greater than yourself is key to living a meaningful life. GIVE offers residents an opportunity to experience this type of connection through education and service in parts of the world that are less familiar, leading to personal growth and lasting memories.”


-Louis Rafetto, DMD, OMS Foundation Director



Who is eligible to apply?

Residents with:
• A minimum of 24 months of OMS residency training.
• Acceptance to an OMS Foundation-approved volunteer surgical program.
• A collaborative, team-centered work ethic and a compassionate world view.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact Amanda at for further information.

Find a list of approved programs here.

Download the GIVE application and guidelines here.



Who is eligible to host GIVE resident participants?

Volunteer surgical programs with:
• OMS-related activity as a primary focus.
• An OMS serving as the director of the program or as a prominent member of the team.
• Approval from the OMS Foundation.

Prospective hosts can apply today to become an approved GIVE host and qualify their resident team members for funding eligibility.

Download a GIVE Program application.