Tribute Gift Donors

A tribute gift is a unique and lasting way to honor or memorialize someone special. This year, many donors has chosen to honor loved ones, colleagues, and friends with tribute gifts.

Remember someone special today with a tribute gift.

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2019 In Memorium

Dr. Jay J. Asdell

In memory of Jane Asdell

Dr. Normund K. Auzins

In memory of Dr. Vernon Sellers

Dr. Nicholas J. Bournias

In memory of Dr. Steve Tucker

Dr. J. L. Chrismas

In memory of Dr. Joe H. Morris

Dr. William L. Davenport

In memory of Dr. Swimley

Dr. Mary A. Delsol Dobon

In memory of Dr. Gerald Hanson

Dr. Dean DeLuke

In memory of Dr. Warren Sordill

Dr. Leslee Timm

In memory of Dr. Ronald Schneider


In memory of Ms. Marie S. Brown

Dr. R. G. Triplett

In memory of Carol and Joan Triplett

Dr. Glenn S. Waters

In memory of Ms. Marisa Ann Marciani Morgan

Dr. Douglas W. Fain

In memory of Dr. Robert Hiatt

Florida Society of OMS

In memory of Dr. Greg Grantham

Indiana Society of OMS

In memory of Dr. Allan Nowakowski

Dr. Robert W. Emery

In memory of Mrs. Kathy Borg-Emery

Mrs. Madelyn B. Donoff

In memory of Dr. Walter Guralnick



2019 In Honor

Ms. Mary DiCarlo

In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Vic Nannini

Dr. Ann M. Holzhauer

In honor of Dr. Edwin Joy

Dr. Michael C. Palma

In honor of Dr. Lionel Gold

Dr. Lee Pollan

In honor of Dr. Daniel Daley

In honor of Ms. Rosemarie Kuperstein

Dr. MaryLou C. Sabino

In honor of the Medical College of WI

Dr. Rory S. Sadoff

In honor of NUMC residents

Dr. Sam Farish

In honor of Dr. Thomas Dodson

Dr. Jimmy E. Albright

In honor of Dr. E. G. Mainous

Dr. Craig X. Alpha

In honor of Dr. A. Thomas Indresano

Dr. Douglas W. Fain

In honor of Dr. Ed Mosby