Tribute Gift Donors

A tribute gift is a unique and lasting way to honor or memorialize someone special. This year, many donors has chosen to honor loved ones, colleagues, and friends with tribute gifts.

Remember someone special today with a tribute gift.

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2018 In Memorium



Dr. Edward B. Seldin

In memory of Dr. Walter Guralnick

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Pierse

In memory of Ms. Yolanda Pierse

Dr. Stephanie J. Drew

In memory of Dr. William Bell

Dr. Julie A. Smith

In memory of Ms. Jane Frances Smith

Dr. Miro A. Pavelka

In memory of Dr. John Allen

In memory of Mrs. Joann Manak

Dr. and Mrs. Terry Slaughter

In memory of Dr. Anthony Checchio

In memory of Dr. John Brown



2018 In Honor

Dr. Andrew M. Read-Fuller

In honor of ROAAOMS

Dr. Paul S. Tiwana

In honor of ROAAOMS