Robert V. Walker Society Members


The Robert V. Walker Society was named after Dr. Robert V. Walker, a beloved visionary in the OMS specialty. Members of the Society have made planned giving commitments to the OMS Foundation. 


Robert V. Walker Society members have provided documentation to the OMS Foundation for their planned gifts.

Platinum – $1 million or more
Dr. Bernard C. Pecaro

Gold – $250,000- $999,999
Dr. T. W. Evans
Daniel and Adaline Klemmedson

Silver – $75,000 – $249,999
Dr. J. David Allen
Dr. Scott B. Boyd
Dr. James A. and Judy L. Davis
Dr. Stephanie J. Drew
Dr. Bruce N. Epker
Dr. David and Rev. Claudia Frost
James and Carmen Hupp
Dr. Gerald Laboda
Dr. and Ms. Richard J. Lee
Dr. Bill and Michelle Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Terry W. Slaughter
Drs. Anthony and Shanna Spina
Dr. Don E. Tillery, Jr.
Dr. W. Mark Tucker

Bronze – $10,000 – $74,999
William Akers, Jr. & Georgia O. Akers Private Foundation
Dr. James W. Adams
Dr. Lee Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Leon A. Assael
Dr. I. David Atcheson, Jr.
Dr. Wayne S. Atebara
Dr. Kathy A. Banks
Dr. Russell K. Bass
Dr. Max M. Behr
Louis and Jan Belinfante
Dr. and Mrs. Colin S. Bell
Dr. R. Bryan Bell and Ms. Heidi Bell
Dr. Richard Berg
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Blakely, III
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Bond
Dr. Donald F. Booth
Dr. Thomas W. Braun
Dr. William A. Buche
Dr. and Ms. Michael J. Buckley
Dr. Kirby L. Bunel, Jr.
Dr. Jim L. Burk, Jr.
Dr. Richard G. Burton
Dr. Lawrence J. Busino
Dr. David A. Bussard
Dr. Michael E. Cadra
Dr. Joseph E. Carlisle
Dr. Albert E. Carlotti III
Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Carlsen
Dr. J. Frederick Chairsell, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ira D. Cheifetz
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Chewning
Dr. Frederick J. Ciabattoni
Dr. John J. Ciabattoni
Dr. Joseph E. Cillo
Dr. Louis F. Clarizio
Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Clark
Richard James Clark III and Linda Susan Clark
Dr. Kent and Mrs. Patty Cohenour
Dr. James R. Cole II
Dr. Robert L. Coles
Dr. Patrick C. Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Conlon
Dr. Francis A. Connor, Jr.
Dr. Thomas R. Cook III
Dr. Bernard J. Costello
Dr. John M. Crestetto
Dr. David D. Crichton III
Dr. Richard A. Crinzi
Dr. Paul E. Cullum
Dr. and Ms. Larry L. Cunningham
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Cutright
Dr. Eugene M. D’Amico III
Dr. Daniel J. Daley, Jr.
Dr. and Ms. Paul A. Danielson
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Davis
Dr. Karel A. de Leeuw
Dr. Mary Delsol and Mr. Buck Dobon
Dr. and Ms. Dean M. DeLuke
Dr. Matthew J. Dennis
Dr. Donald H. Devlin
Dr. Jasjit and Mr. Rick Dillion
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Dodson
Dr. R. Bruce Donoff
Dr. Michael T. Duffy
Dr. Daniel J. Dugan
Dr. Timothy B. Durtsche
Wendell and Kathy Edgin
Mr. Dwight S. Edwards
Dr. Edward Ellis III
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Kathryn Emery
Dr. Shawn T. Engebretsen
Dr. Lewis N. Estabrooks
Dr. Sam B. Fason
Mr. D. Scott and Mrs. Amy Fehrs

Dr. and Ms. Alan L. Felsenfeld
Dr. Allen F. Fielding
Dr. Howard E. Fisher
Dr. Donald A. Flihan
Dr. Salvatore J. Florio
Dr. William L. Foley
Dr. Raymond J. Fonseca
Dr. Harrison D. Fortney
Dr. Manuel J. Freeman
Dr. Kirk L. Fridrich
Dr. James C. Fuselier
Drs. R. Kent and Karen Roche Galey
Dr. Brent T. Garrison
Dr. and Mrs. Lanny R. Garvar
Dr. Robert D Gear, Jr.
Dr. Eric T. Geist
Dr. G. E. Ghali
Dr. John M. Gillis
Dr. Michael T. Gocke
Dr. Donald L. Gossett
Dr. and Ms. Gregory P. Grantham
Drs. John and Anita Gray
Dr. David J. Greene
Dr. W. James and Mrs. Kathy Hall
Dr. Aya Hamao-Sakamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Hatzis
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Linda Shira Heckel
Dr. and Ms. Andrew P. Heise
Dr. Robert G. Hirschi
Dr. Timothy D. Hogan
Dr. Steven M. Holmes
Dr. John W. Hudson
Dr. James R. Ingrassia, In Memory of Elizabeth Ingrassia
Dr. Jay A. Jefferson
Dr. J. David Johnson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Johnson
Dr. Jerry L. Jones
Dr. William V. Jordan III
Dr. and Ms. Leonard B. Kaban
Drs. Deepak Kademani and Rupam Kademani
Mr. William Kallal
Dr. Nestor D. Karas
Dr. Thomas M. Keane, Jr.
Dr. Robert R. Keen
Dr. John P. Kelly
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Janis Kelson
Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Kendell
Dr. A. Paul and Mrs. Mollie King
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kleiman
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Koorbusch
Dr. Michael G. Koslin
Dr. Deepak G. Krishnan
Dr. Paul H. J. Krogh
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Lambert
Dr. Roy H. Lambert
Dr. Daniel M. Laskin
Drs. Stuart Lieblich and Janot Bente
Dr. Todd C. Liston
Mr. Kenneth Ludwig
Dr. Robert D. Marciani
Dr. Taylor L. Markle
Dr. Ronald B. Marks
Dr. H. Odell Marshall Jr.
Sara & Michael Matzkin
Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. McAndrew
Dr. Kevin L. McBride
Dr. Charles A. McCallum, Jr.
Dr. Terry and Mrs. Sandie McCarthy
Dr. J. Michael McCoy
Dr. Sloan M. McDonald
Dr. James W. McGough and Ms. Ellen M. Barnes
Drs. Daniel & Regina Meara
Pushkar and Deepika Mehra
Dr. Richard W. Mellin and Ms. Christine Mellin
Dr. Roger A. Meyer
Dr. Michael L. Milford
Drs. Michael and Beth Miloro
Dr. Larry J. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Victor L. Nannini
Dr. Wai Pong Ng
Dr. Larry W. Nissen
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Nissman
Dr. Donald and Cathy Nix
Dr. Scott F. Nolen
Dr. William D. Norris
Dr. George W. Oatis Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Ochs
Dr. Brian K. Oleksy
Dr. and Ms. Alexis B. Olsson
Dr. Thomas P. Osborn
Dr. Colin J. Ott
Dr. Edmund I. Parnes
Mr. William C. Passolt
Dr. Frank Pavel
Drs. Zachary and Carolyn Peacock
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent and Amy Perciaccante
Dr. David H. Perrott
Dr. Steven D. Peters
Dr. Lorin D. Peterson
Dr. Joseph F. Piecuch and Ms. Michele N. Potvin-Piecuch
Dr. and Mrs. Lee D. Pollan
Dr. Jeffrey C. Posnick
Mr. Joel and Mrs.Teresa Pratt
Dr. and Ms. D. Allen Pulsipher
Dr. Faisal A. Quereshy and Dr. Najia Usman
Dr. Peter D. Quinn
Dr. Louis K. Rafetto
Dr. W. M. Riddle
Dr. John M. Rogers
Dr. James E. Royer
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Santarelli
Dr. Peter M. Scheer
Dr. Stephen A. Schendel
Dr. Kirk E Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Seago
Dr. Thomas R. Seidelmann
Steve Shall
Dr. Douglas P. and Mrs. Diane Sinn
Dr. Thomas J. Skiba
Dr. Edwin W. Slade, Jr.
Dr. Gilbert S. Small
Dr. Peter W. Smith
Dr. J. Thomas Soliday
Dr. Leonard Spector
Dr. Gerald P. Spinazze
Dr. Larry W. Spradley
Dr. Elgan P. Stamper
Dr. Martin B. Steed
Dr. John P. Stella
Ms. Victoria J. Sterling
Dr. Heath M. Stewart, Jr.
Dr. and Ms. Larry R. Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Stigall
Howard and Lisa Strauss
Dr. and Ms. Michael J. Stronczek
Dr. N. James Strull
Dr. Suzanne U. Stucki- McCormick
Dr. James Q. Swift
Dr. and Ms. Ronald L. Tankersley
Mr. Eric Teutsch
Ken and Lisa Thomalla
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Thomas
Dr. B. D. Tiner
Dr. and Ms. Steven P. Tipps
Dr. Wayne E. Tipps
Drs. Paul and Karen Tiwana
Dr. Boyd J. Tomasetti
Dr. Jeffrey S. Topf
Dr. Bradford and Mrs. Janice Towne
Dr. Ryland T. Traynham
Dr. R. Gilbert Triplett
Dr. Stephen H. Troyer
Dr. and Mrs. Harold K. Tu
Dr. Myron R. Tucker
Dr. Tim and Mrs. Martha Turvey
Dr. and Ms. Jeffrey H. Wallen
Dr. Thomas M. Weil
Dr. and Ms. George A. Wessberg
Dr. Roger A. West
Dr. David A. Whiston
Dr. R. D. White
Dr. R. Lynn White
Dr. Raymond P. White Jr.
Dr. James W. Wilson
Dr. Henry C. Windell
Dr. Wayne R. Witt
Dr. Larry M. Wolford
General Clifton Wright
Dr. George M. Yellich
Dr. Thomas H. Yingling
Dr. John J. Yurosko
Dr. Lawrence H. Zager
Dr. Michael F. Zide
Dr. and Ms. Richard C. Ziegler

Deceased Members

Dr. Peter H. Aschaffenburg
Dr. Edward U. Austin
Dr. Jerry L. Boatright
Dr. John F. Freihaut
Dr. Edwin L. Granite
Dr. Gerald E. Hanson
Dr. James R. Hayward
Dr. Mark K. Holcomb
Ms. Rebecca Hunter
Dr. James F. Kelly
Dr. John F. MacNamara
Dr. Randolph B. Malloy
Dr. Donald F. Pricco
Dr. John M. Sachs
Dr. Ronald E. Schneider
Dr. Thomas A. Seaton
Dr. Richard J. Simeone
Dr. Albert F. Staples
Dr. Don E. Tillery, Sr.
Dr. Robert V. Walker



Those listed below have signed commitment forms for their planned gifts.

Gold – $250,000- $999,999
Drs. Eric D. and Nancy Ferrara

Silver – $75,000 – $249,999
Dr. and Ms. Walter B. Busse
Dr. Jay P. Malmquist
Drs. Anthony and Shanna Spina

Bronze – $10,000 – $74,999
Dr. Joel S. Berger
Dr. and Mrs. Charles N. Bertolami
Dr. and Ms. Michael A. Bianchi
Dr. and Mrs. M. Edmund Braly
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Brown
Roger P. Byrne, DDS, MD
Dr. David M. Carlton, Jr.
Drs. Stephen and Sharon Chan
Drs. Robert and Evelyn Clark
Dr. Patrick J. Coleman
Dr. and Ms. John J. Dann
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Darab
Dr. and Ms. Jeffrey S. Dean
Dr. Vincent E. and Judy M. DiFabio
Dr. M. F. Dolwick
Dr. and Ms. William C. Donlon
Dr. and Ms. Michael P. Eckhart
Dr. James R. Eckstein
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Chris Fain
Dr. Brett L. Ferguson
Dr. Richard A. Finn
Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Fletcher

Dr. and Mrs. Joel Funari
Dr. Kayvon Haghighi
Dr. and Ms. J. Hadley Hall
Dr. and Ms. Andrew D. Harsany
Dr. John F. Helfrick
Dr. and Ms. Alan S. Herford
Dr. David C. Hoffman
Dr. and Ms. William P. Hoffmann
Dr. Grant M. Hogan
Dr. and Ms. Bruce A. Huberman
Dr. A. Thomas Indresano
Mr. Ethan and Mrs. Joyce Jackson
Dr. and Ms. Murray K. Jacobs
Dr. Donald T. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Dan W. Kaspar
Dr. and Ms. Markell W. Kohn
Dr. and Ms. Thomas H. Lapp
Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Larsen
Dr. James Lemon
Dr. Matthew and Kim Lowe
Dr. James R. Lucente
Dr. Corwin D. Martin
Dr. and Ms. George W. May
Dr. Edward J. Meszaros
Dr. Brett A. Miles
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Miller
Dr. Gayle and Mr. George Miranda
Dr. David and Mrs. MaryKay Moyer
Dr. Oscar Muniz-Luciano
Dr. and Ms. Frederick L. Nance
Dr. and Ms. Ronald H. Nellen
Dr. Thomas P. Nordone
Miro A. Pavelka, DDS, MSD
Dr. and Ms. Jeffry E. Persons
Dr. Aidan N. Phan
Dr. and Ms. Michael A. Pikos
Dr. and Ms. Daniel W. Pituch
Dr. Clive B. Rayner
Dr. Likith V. Reddy
Dr. Edward and Tamara Rentschler
Dr. Cory and Dr. Anthea Resnick
Dr. Jeffery and Patty Schwarzkopf
Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Seldomridge
Dr. Timothy S. Shahbazian
Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Sherry
Dr. and Mrs Charles R. Simpson IV
Dr. and Ms. Paul G. Sims
Dr. Frank T. Sindoni
Dr. Marvin M. Slott
Dr. and Ms. Barry C. Stacey
Dr. Franci Stavropoulos
Dr. Barry R. Steinberg
Dr. W. Frederick and Mrs. Sonya Stephens
Dr. William R. Whitlow
Dr. Fayette C. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Williams
Dr. Cynthia E. Winne
Dr. Mark D. Zajkowski
Dr. John R. Zuniga