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Our annual fund donors are advocates for our important work.

Annual Fund Donors

The Annual Fund is your opportunity to make a meaningful annual gift to support the OMS Foundation. A complete listing of Annual Fund Donors in 2018 can be found here. Donors who make significant multiyear cash pledges to the Foundation allow us to better serve researchers and educators. Find a list of recent multiyear pledge donors here.

This year, our Annual Fund will focus on AAOMS’s Centennial Tree with the goal of raising $1 million in 2018. Donors listed below have made significant contributions to the 2018 Centennial Tree Campaign:


A special thank you to OMSNIC for their $100,000 lead matching gift!


American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Canadian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Guillermo and Molly Chacon
Colorado Society of OMS
Dr. Douglas and Chris Fain
Dr. Howard E. Fisher
International Association of OMS
International Association of OMS Foundation
Jack Kent Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation
Dr. A. Thomas Indresano
Dr. J. David and Caroline Johnson
Dr. Daniel and Adaline Klemmedson
Dr. Daniel M. Laskin
Minnesota Society of OMS
Mid-Atlantic Society of OMS
Dr. Victor and Kathy Nannini
New York State Society of OMS
Oral Surgery Associates and Dental Implant Centers
Mr. William and Joan Passolt
Dr. Terry and Barbara Slaughter
Southeastern Society of OMS
Anthony M. Spina, DDS and Shanna L. Spina, DMD
Dr. James and Lori Swift
Tennessee Society of OMS
Texas Society of OMS
Dr. B. D. and Brenda Tiner
Dr. W. Mark Tucker
University of Washington OMS Residency Program

$2,500 – $4,999
Dr. Warren W. Arrasmith
Dr. Roger S. Badwal
Dr. Vincent V. Benivegna
Dr. Jay and Hilary Bergamini
Dr. Colin and Susan Bell
Dr. Philip Bhaskar
Dr. Michael and Mary Bianchi
Remy H. Blanchaert Jr. DDS, MD
Dr. Amy J. Bogardus
Dr. Nicholas J. Bournias
Dr. Scott B. Boyd
Dr. Kurt E. Bruksch
Robert S. Clark, DMD and Evelyn P. Clark, DMD
Dr. David L. Cundick
Dr. Jasjit K. Dillon
Dr. Richard and Linda D’Innocenzo
Delaware Society of OMS
Delaware Valley Society of OMS
District V
Dr. Thomas B. Dodson
Dr. Robert J. Dornauer
Dr. Stephanie J. Drew
Dr. Tim and Sue Durtsche
Drs. Mark and Lisa Egbert
Dr. and Mrs. Wendell A. Edgin
Dr. Blaise C. Eckert
Dr. Heath H. Evans
Richard A. Fagin, DDS and Adam P. Fagin, DDS, MD
Dr. Brian B. Farrell
Florida State Society of OMS
Dr. Matthew W. Fowlkes
Dr. Margo J. Freedberg
Dr. Joel M. Friedman
Dr. John D. Gagnon
Dr. Dan and Stacey Gesek
Dr. Newton C. Gordon
Dr. Lawrence M. Gorzelnik
Dr. Barry H. Hendler
Dr. Lawrence T. Herman
Dr. Grant M. Hogan
Houston Society of OMS
Dr. Scott A. Hum
Dr. James and Carmen Hupp
Illinois State Society of OMS
Indiana State Society of OMS
Dr. William and Robin Jordan III
Dr. Thomas M. Keane Jr.
Dr. Stephen S. Kelly
Dr. Kelly S. Kennedy
Kentucky Society of OMS
Dr. Barry S. Keogh
Dr. Deepak G. Krishnan
Dr. Michael A. Kleiman
Dr. Martin J. Koop
Dr. Robert M. Lamb
Dr. N. Ray Lee
Dr. Jonas A. Lichty
Dr. David P. Lustbader
Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael McCoy
Deepika and Pushkar Mehra
Dr. Joseph L. Miller
Dr. Gayle T. Miranda
Mississippi State Society of OMS
Dr. J. David Morrison Jr.
Dr. K. K. Neshat
Dr. Bryan R. Neuwirth
North Carolina Society of OMS
North Dakota Society of OMS
Dr. Robert A. Nustad
Dr. Mark A. Oghalai
Oklahoma Society of OMS
OMS Partners, LLC – OMSP: We take care of Business so you can Practice
Oral & Facial Surgery of East Alabama
Oregon Society of OMS

$5,000 – $9,999
Dr. Kathy A. Banks
Dr. Gary F. Bouloux
Connecticut Society of OMS
Dr. Brett and Rita Ferguson, 100th President
Dr. Eric and Beth Geist
Dr. Robert F. Guyette
Dr. Kayvon Haghighi
Dr. James M. Henderson
Hinds Academy – UTDB Houston Alumni
Dr. Arthur C. Jee
Dr. Spiro and Theodora Karras
Louisiana Society of OMS – in memory of Dr. James R. Peltier
Dr. Manolis G. Manolakakis
Massachusetts Society of OMS
Dr. John R. Monterubio
National Society of OMS
New Jersey Society of OMS
Dr. Steven R. Nelson
Dr. Greg and Sara Ness
Dr. Larry W. Nissen
Ohio Society of OMS
Dr. Thomas B. Padgett
Dr. Vincent J. Perciaccante
Pennsylvania State Society of OMS
Quintessence Publishing Co. Inc.
Dr. Charles M. Repa
Dr. Julie A. Smith
Dr. Herbert D. Stith
Dr. Don E. Tillery Jr.
US Oral Surgery Management


$2,500 – $4,999
OMSNIC – in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Passolt
Pennsylvania Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Ltd.
Dr. Richard W. Panek
Dr. Lee D. Pollan
Dr. Sarah E. Proulx
Dr. Louis K. Rafetto
Dr. Faisal Quereshy
Rhode Island Society of OMS
Dr. John J. Rydlewicz
Dr. Daniel R. Saunders
Dr. Paul J. Schwartz
Dr. Scott W. Searcey
Dr. Gary and Christina Seldomridge
Dr. David M. Shafer
Dr. and Mrs. J. Alexander Smith
South Carolina Society of OMS
Dr. Mark J. Steinberg
Dr. Martin and Michelle Steed
Dr. W. Frederick Stephens
Dr. Ronald C. Stewart
Dr. Larry and Cindy Stigall
Dr. Jeffrey D. Stone
Dr. Howard Strauss
Dr. Michael J. Stronczek
Dr. Gregory and Andrea Tate
Dr. David W. Todd
Dr. Myron R. Tucker
Washington Society of OMS
Dr. William R. Whitlow
Dr. Thomas P. Williams
Dr. Jennifer E. Woerner
Dr. David E. Yates
Dr. Richard B. Young
Dr. Mark D. Zajkowski


$1,000 – $2,499
Dr. Sharon Aronovich
Mrs. Vivian Banks
Dr. Neal E. Bozentka
Dr. Richard G. Burton
Dr. Aaron S. Card
Dr. James L. Chrisman
Dr. Charles L. Cuttino III
Dr. Timothy J. Devitt
Dr. Charles N. DeWild
Dr. Erik W. Evans
Dr. Seth T. Farren
Dr. Gary R. Feldman
Dr. Bradley A. Gregory
Dr. Earle and Mrs. Carol Halsband
Dr. Sam B. Hishmeh
Dr. Jason E. Jenny
Dr. John N. Johnson
Dr. Kathrine A. Keeley
Dr. Todd C. Liston
Maine Society of OMS
Dr. Ronald and Nat Marks
Dr. Michael and Sarah Matzkin
Dr. William J. Nelson
Dr. Bruce R. Nicol
Mr. Matthew Nielsen
Dr. Norman J. Schuen
Dr. Nish Shah
Dr. Edward I. Slaby
Dr. Thomas Slack
Dr. Stanley W. Smith
Dr. John A. Tomaich
Utah Society of OMS
Vermont Society of OMS
Virginia Society of OMS
Dr. R. Lynn White
Dr. Raymond White
Dr. G. Trent Wilson