OMS Society Q1 Member Update

The OMS Foundation extends its sincere thanks to EVERY donor who contributed to the Annual Fund or GIVE in 2020. Your generosity was a lifeline during a complicated year.

Special thanks to Treloar & Heisel for launching the OMSFIRE (OMS for Innovation, Research and Education) campaign with a $100,000 Platinum commitment in January 2020 and to OMS Partners, LLC (Gold) and U.S. Oral Surgery Management (Silver) for their lead OMSFIRE Corporate gifts in 2021. More than 75 OMSFIRE donors have committed to support the Annual Fund with gifts of $2,500 (Bronze), $5,000 (Silver), $10,000 (Gold) or $20,000 (Platinum) per year for five years. Many thanks to OMSFIRE Society donors Colorado (Gold), Delaware Valley, Ohio  and Pennsylvania (Silver) and Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Southeastern, Tennessee and Washington State (Bronze) for their 5-year commitments. Consistent, reliable support from the Foundation’s OMSFIRE and other recurring donors is critical to the sustainability of its Clinical Research Support Grants and other long-range programs. Enrolling in OMSFIRE is easy, add your name to this esteemed roster today.

Included in the Foundation’s 2021 research and education disbursements are two Student Research Training Awards offering opportunities for promising dental students at Loma Linda University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham to explore careers in research and the OMS profession. The Foundation has invested more than $650,000 in the SRTA program since 1992; its return on that investment is a steady influx of top talent into the specialty. Read more about the University of Pennsylvania’s successful SRTA program here, and find other SRTA success stories in the March 2021 debut issue of Torchlight, the Foundation’s new e-Newsletter.

Did circumstances compel you to postpone your annual giving in 2020? If you’re able, please help us recover from last year’s shortfall with a gift in the first quarter. For the Foundation to continue to serve the specialty effectively, every OMS must treat investment in research and education as a cost of doing business. A recurring gift of just $209/month contributes $2,500 annually to support the Foundation’s work and qualifies you for recognition as a Bronze OMSFIRE donor. Thank you!