Foundation announces 2021 funding opportunities

Foundation donors frequently cite clinical research as a top priority. In response to the strong debut of its Clinical Research Support Grant in 2020, the Foundation is offering another two-year, $150,000 grant in its research funding opportunities for 2021.

Applications will be accepted online April 15 – July 15 for:

Clinical Research Support Grant ($150,000, two-year duration)

This grant supports patient- and outcomes-oriented clinical investigations addressing the specialty’s most urgent priorities. Consideration in 2021 is limited to proposals addressing the safety of the OMS anesthesia delivery model.

Learn more and apply for this grant.

Research Support Grants ($75,000, one-year duration)

This grant supports scientific investigations addressing problems related to oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Learn more and apply for this grant.

Student Research Training Awards ($12,500, two-year duration)

This funding supports dental education programs offering research training and mentorship opportunities with the goal of attracting high-performing dental students to OMS research and practice.

Also in this newsletter (link), meet Dr. Brian Kinard, a Student Research Training Award “grad” who is now program director for the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s 2021-22 Student Research Training Award program.

Learn more and apply for this award.

Applications are accepted year-round for:  

Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) (maximum $2,500 per applicant)

Up to $2,500 will reimburse the travel costs for OMS residents accepted to serve with approved international humanitarian healthcare teams.

Team leaders are cautiously anticipating the day when they can safely deploy their volunteers to care for communities in great need. Apply now for consideration for a 2021-22 GIVE stipend. 

Learn more and apply for a GIVE stipend.

Questions? Call Amanda at 847-233-4351.