Featured donor: Dr. Joshua Everts

Dr. Joshua Everts

It is an honor and a privilege to call Dr. Warren Arrasmith my friend and colleague. He was a valuable mentor during my residency at UAB, welcoming me into the OMS community and inviting me to sit side-by-side with him in his leadership roles at AAOMS. Following his lead (and with his guidance and support), I have participated in AAOMS Day on the Hill, House of Delegates and various AAOMS Committees. As he predicted, I have found “giving back” to my specialty rewarding beyond my expectations.

Another important lesson Dr. Arrasmith taught me is that education and research are the bedrock of our specialty. While I do not have the ability to participate in research at this point in my career, I highly value the work being done by others to advance our specialty. I am happy to partner with the Foundation as an OMSFIRE donor to support research that directly affects my practice of oral surgery every day.

Everyone who knows Warren knows that he cares deeply and serves faithfully in all areas of our national and local OMS community. He represents all that is good and noble about our specialty, and I am proud to donate to the OMS Foundation in his name.