Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Donors Thank you to our 2022 Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) donors! Your donations enable the GIVE program to provide travel stipends up to $2,500 to residents traveling internationally with experienced OMS teams to deliver humanitarian healthcare to underserved populations.

Mrs. Mary Allaire-Schnitzer
Mrs. Janet Angelico
Dr. Alfredo R. Arribas
Dr. James A. Baker and Dr. Melissa Farrow
Ms. Suzanne Barba
Mrs. Diana Brunton and Mr. John Brunton
Dr. Kirby L. Bunel Jr
Dr. Valeria Burks
Ms. Julie Carr
Mrs. Betsy Childress
Dr. Donald F. Cohen
Mrs. Laura Cohen
Ms. Margarita Cone
Dr. Deborah L. Cooper-Newland
Ms. Mary Jane Copley
Mrs. Elda Cota De Martinez
Dr. Carlos Cruz
Mrs. Jaclynn Dayse
Dr. Nagi M. Demian
Mrs. Mary DiCarlo
Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Dierks
Mrs. Allison C. Dingman
Dr. Thomas and Ellen Dodson
Dr. Wendell and Kathleen Edgin
Mrs. Elyse Eichner
Mrs. and Dr. Stacy Erickson
Dr. T. W. Evans

Dr. Heath H. Evans
Dr. Leslie R. Fish
Dr. Mary Lou Galantino
Ms. Katharine Graham
Dr. Cesar A. Guerrero
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Henderson
Mrs. Carol T. Herbosa
Ms. Cameron Huff
Dr. James and Mrs. Carmen Hupp
Ms. Ellyn S. Hutton
Mrs. Kimberly Johnson
Dr. Jonathon Jundt
Dr. Helen M. Kechriotis
Mrs. Adaline Klemmedson
Dr. Elizabeth A. Kutcipal
Dr. Robert M. Lamb
Mrs. Akosua Lugakingira
Dr. James C. Melville
Ms. Kimberly Molley
Mrs. Jennifer Morrison
Mrs. Amanda G. Nasello
Dr. Bryan R. Neuwirth
Mrs. Janet Novakovic
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Passolt
Mrs. JoAnn Picciotti
Dr. Sanford L. Ratner and Ms. Hilary Davis
Dr. Osmond W. A. Richardson
Dr. Michael K. and Mrs. Page Rollert

Dr. Steven Roser and Mrs. Blythe Randolph
Mr. James Sacco
Mrs. Carolyn J. Sansevere
Susan Sarka
Dr. Stephen A. Schendel
Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Seldomridge
Mrs. Lauren Shafer
Ms. Jane Sharrocks
Dr. Douglas P. Sinn
Dr. Brian R. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Smith
Ms. Kathleen Stanek
Dr. Steven M. Sullivan
Mrs. Andrea Tate
Dr. Clark O. Taylor
Texas Oral Surgeons for Public Awareness
Dr. R. Gilbert Triplett
Drs. W. Mark and Bettina Tucker
Dr. Timothy A. Turvey
UT Health Science Center at Houston
Mrs. Barbara B. White
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Williams
Dr. Cynthia E. Winne and Dr. James B. Newton
Dr. Michael D. Woodbeck
Ms. Holly Wright
Dr. Simon W. M. Young
Ms. Carol Zak
Mrs. Kelly Zak

Thank you to the corporate supporters of the GIVE program!

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