Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Donors Thank you to our 2023-24 Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) donors! Your donations enable the GIVE program to provide travel stipends up to $2,500 to residents traveling internationally with experienced OMS teams to deliver humanitarian healthcare to underserved populations.

Mrs. Mary Allaire-Schnitzer
Dr. Jess Anderson
Dr. James A. Baker
Dr. G. Clint Barrett
Dr. David L. Basi
Dr. Valeria Burks
Canfield Inc
Ms. Julie Carr
Mrs. Betsy Childress
Mrs. Laura Cohen
Mrs. Jaclynn Dayse
Mrs. Mary DiCarlo
Mr. Buck Dobon
Dr. Jennifer M. Dolan
Dr. Edward M. Dore
Mrs. Sharon Dore
Mrs. Elyse Eichner
Mrs. Stacy Erickson
Dr. Leonard J. Goldman
Ms. Sandra Guenther
Dr. Frederick Gustave
Dr. Richard E. Hall
Dr. Christopher M. Harris
Mrs. Maricar Harris
Ms. Beth Hayson
Dr. James M. Henderson
Mrs. Angela Henderson
Mrs. Carmen Hupp
Ms. Ellyn S. Hutton

Mrs. Kristan Jore-Swanson
Mrs. Paula Kantas
Mrs. Cheri Kelleher
Dr. Elizabeth A. Kutcipal
Dr. N. Ray Lee
Mrs. Deborah Lee
Dr. Julie A. Lesnick
Mrs. Ellen R. Levy
Ms. Sarah Livingston
Ms. Catherine Lopes
Mrs. Akosua Lugakingira
Dr. Stephen J. Maroda Jr.
Mrs. Julie Maroda
Mrs. Georgi-Ann A. Matthews
Dr. Amber McCabe
Dr. Patricia E. Miller
Mrs. LeAnne Miller
Ms. Kimberly Molley
Mrs. Jennifer Morrison
Ms. Rozanne Murphy
Mrs. Kathy Nannini
Mrs. Amanda G. Nasello
Dr. Helen M. Nelson
Dr. Gregory M. Ness
Mrs. Sara Ness
Dr. Bryan R. Neuwirth
Mrs. Janet Novakovic
Mrs. Ann M. Padgett

Mr. William C. Passolt
Dr. Louis K. Rafetto
Mrs. Victoria Rappatta
Red Hills Oral & Facial Surgery
Mrs. Carolyn J. Sansevere
Mrs. Olga Schwartz
Ms. Maureen Schwartz
Dr. Joshua Segal
Dr. Gary W. Seldomridge
Mrs. Lauren Shafer
Ms. Kelly Ann Shy
Mrs. Sonya M. Stephens
Mrs. Cindy Stigall RN
Dr. Herbert D. Stith
Dr. Jay I. Swanson
Mrs. Lori A. Swift, RDH
Dr. Lianne Swinehart
Mrs. Andrea Tate
Mrs. Brenda K. Tiner
Dr. Bettina Tucker
Ms. Jeanne Tuerk
Mr. Srinivasan Varadarajan
Mrs. Lisa Wallen RN
Mrs. Mary Ward
Dr. Thomas P. Williams
Mrs. Melanie Williams
Dr. Cynthia E. Winne
Ms. Karin Wittich
Dr. Lawrence H. Zager

Thank you to the corporate supporters of the GIVE program!

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