Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Donors Thank you to our 2022 Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) donors!

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Dr. James A. Baker and Dr. Melissa Farrow
Dr. Kirby L. Bunel Jr
Dr. Valeria Burks
Ms. Margarita Cone
Dr. Deborah L. Cooper-Newland
Dr. Carlos Cruz
Dr. Nagi M. Demian
Mrs. Mary DiCarlo
Dr. Wendell A. and Mrs. Kathleen M. Edgin
Mrs. and Dr. Stacy Erickson
Dr. T. W. Evans
Ms. Ellyn S. Hutton

Dr. Jonathon Jundt
Dr. Elizabeth A. Kutcipal
Mrs. Akosua Lugakingira
Mrs. Janet Novakovic
Dr. Stephen A. Schendel
Ms. Jane Sharrocks
Dr. Douglas P. Sinn
Dr. Brian R. Smith
Ms. Kathleen Stanek
Dr. Steven M. Sullivan
Dr. Clark O. Taylor

Thank you to the corporate supporters of the GIVE program!

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