Are you a legacy donor candidate?

You’ve always been the one people counted on. Your life is a testament to your vision, hard work and devotion to your loved ones, your specialty and your community. You’re grateful for the opportunities that have helped you succeed, and “giving back” is a cornerstone of your personal culture. Your annual gifts to the OMS Foundation have helped sustain the research and education programs that keep oral and maxillofacial surgery at the forefront of the dental surgical specialties.

You would like to do more.

Including a gift to the Foundation in your estate plan allows you to make a significant – even transformational – gift with minimal impact on your current cash flow or your provisions for your loved ones. Popular options include a bequest in your will, transfer of ownership of a life insurance policy you no longer need or naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement account. Strategic philanthropists structure their estate plans to donate to charity assets that, if left to their heirs, would be subject to substantial taxation.

Your commitment to a legacy gift valued at $25,000 or more entitles you to membership in the R.V. Walker Society, an honor reserved for the visionaries of our specialty. What better way to say “thank you” to the specialty that has given you so much?

Talk to your financial advisor about including the Foundation in your estate plan, then email to be welcomed into the R.V. Walker Society.