Alabama Society honors Dr. Arrasmith with $100,000 in tribute gifts

Dr. Warren Arrasmith

At its Annual Meeting in March, the Alabama Society of OMS (ALSOMS) surprised Dr. Warren Arrasmith – one of its most revered members – with a heartfelt tribute that will resonate beyond the state’s borders and far into the future. In the span of a weekend, the Society members committed to $90,000 in gifts to the OMS Foundation in honor of Dr. Arrasmith. By month’s end, ALSOMS had reached its target of $100,000, including six new OMSFIRE gifts that will help support the Foundation’s mission through 2027.

Dr. Arrasmith’s contributions to the state and national OMS community have been extensively recognized by his colleagues. A past president of both the Alabama and Southeastern societies of OMS, he was honored with the Southeastern Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award at its 2021 meeting.  Previous accolades included AAOMS’s Daniel M. Laskin Award for Outstanding Predoctoral Educator and the University of Alabama-Birmingham President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Michael Koslin, a longtime friend and colleague, spoke for many at the ALSOMS meeting when he expressed his admiration for Dr. Arrasmith’s warmth, intellect and dedication to the AAOMS and UAB communities. His unscripted testimonial inspired an outpouring of donations in Dr. Arrasmith’s honor to one of his most cherished charities, the OMS Foundation. Dr. Debra Sacco, AAOMS District III Trustee, had this to say: “This is great news but should be no surprise. The Alabama Society members are the best of the best. I am so glad to hear that they chose to honor such an accomplished and very special man in such an appropriate way.”