2017 OMS Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Kathy A. Banks, Chair
Dr. Eric T. Geist, Vice Chair
Dr. J. David Johnson, Jr, Treasurer

Dr. Karen E. Crowley
Dr. Douglas W. Fain
Dr.  Victor L. Nannini
Mr. William C. Passolt
Dr. W. Frederick Stephens
Dr. Thomas P. Williams

Board of Director’s Objectives and Mission

The OMS Foundation Board of Directors consists of elected and appointed oral and maxillofacial surgeons and lay members.

The Board of Directors has adopted the following objectives to fulfill the OMS Foundation’s mission:

  1. Support highest quality research and education programs in line with fulfilling the Foundation’s mission over the long term;
  2. Build Foundation resources available to support its mission;
  3. Assure the prudent administration of Foundation assets and programs consistent with sound financial, business and scientific management principles.

In addition, the Board has determined the following values, which support the mission:

  • Furthering of the public interest in carrying out the Foundation mission.
  • Fostering the highest ideals and principles in advancement of patient care.
  • Observing the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • Recognizing a fiduciary responsibility to prudently administer and manage the assets that are provided by Foundation contributors.
  • Seeking to uphold the strictest impartiality and objectivity in the conduct of Foundation affairs.