2022 awards for research, education announced

The OMS Foundation Board of Directors approved an array of programs for funding in 2022. These include:

  • Clinical Research Support Grant (two-year duration, $150,000)
    • University of Michigan – “Development and validation of an Anesthesia Simulation Training curriculum for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons”
      • Principal investigator: Sharon Aronovich, DMD
      • Co-principal investigators: Gerardo Romeo, DDS, MD, MBA; Deborah M. Rooney, PhD; Brent B. Ward, DDS, MD;
  • Research Support Grants (one-year duration, $75,000 each)
    • Texas A&M University (Stephen B. Milam Research Award recipient) – “Analysis and quantification of orbital fractures to aid surgical decision making: An artificial intelligence-based approach”
      • Principal investigator: Andrew Read-Fuller, DDS, MD, MS
      • Co-principal investigators: Babak Namazi, PhD, MS; Matthew J. Kesterke, PhD, MA; Madhu Nair, DMD, PhD, MS; Likith Reddy, DDS, MD; Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, PhD, MS
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham – “Advanced Three-dimensional Bioprinting of Patient-Derived Models for Head and Neck Cancer”
    • Principal investigator: Yedeh Ying, DMD, MD
    • Co-principal investigators: Hope M. Amm, PhD; Christopher Willey, MD, PhD
  • University of Cincinnati – “Immune Correlations of Neck Infections with Clinical Outcomes”
    • Principal investigator: Deepak Krishnan, DDS
    • Co-principal investigator: Charles C. Caldwell, PhD
  • Support of Clinical Trials Methods Course ($30,000)
  • Support of Resident Transitions into Practice Conference ($5,000)
  • Support of Principles of Head and Neck Oncology for the OMS ($5,000)
  • Norma L. Kelly Resident Spouse Scholarships (nine at $1,000 each)
  • Global Initiative for Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) stipends (10 at $2,500 each)

Applications for 2023 funding awards are due Aug. 31 at OMSFoundation.org. Apply now for:

  • Clinical Research Support Grant (two-year duration, $150,000)*
  • Research Support Grant (one-year duration, $75,000)
  • Student Research Training Award (two-year duration, $12,500)

*Consideration of applications for the 2023 Clinical Research Support Grant is limited to those addressing the safety of the OMS anesthesia delivery model and research related to dental implants.